Automatic Teller Machine

There are two ATM’s located within the terminal building – one adjacent to the News Travels store within the departure lounge, and one adjacent to the baggage carousels in arrivals.

Australia Post

An Australia Post mail box is located outside the entry door to the departures building near the Virgin check-in desk.

Internet Facilities & Wireless Access

Free WiFi is available in the terminal vicinity for use on any WiFi enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop device.

Public Telephone

There is a pay phone located near the baggage carousels in the arrivals area. This phone accepts phone cards and coins.

Public Amenities

Public toilets are located next to the check-in desks, in the departures lounge opposite News Travels and in arrivals near the baggage carousels.

Parents rooms are located at both ends of the terminal and each are equipped with a baby change station, toilet facilities, microwave and a nappy disposal unit. They also provide seating for use while feeding.